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Magda Herzberger


Magda Herzberger, 1926-2021, Holocaust survivor, speaker, poet, author, composer and loving mother, grandmother, and wife, passed away at the age of 95 on April 23, 2021. She is survived by her husband of 74 years, Eugene Herzberger; her son, Henry Herzberger; her daughter, Monica Riekoff (Wolfson); her son-in-law, David Wolfson; her grandson, Nathan Herzberger; her granddaughter, Mira Ma McDonald; her grandson-in-law, Sean McDonald; and her great grandchildren, Erzi McDonald and Gideon McDonald.

Magda was the author of 13 published books, including her autobiographical book, “Survival,” about her harrowing experiences in three Nazi German concentration camps. Magda was a Holocaust speaker for many years, touching many lives with her inspiration and love of life.

One of her sayings was “Hang on to the three strong pillars of life: faith, hope and love.” Magda was a beacon of light and inspiration to those that crossed her path, whether it was in a religious setting, school, or anywhere else that she was a speaker, or in her life. Magda was a powerful voice in remembrance of the Holocaust and wanted to keep the memories of the victims of the Holocaust alive, and to never forget, both in her books, lectures, and her composition called The Requiem, which was for baritone and soprano solos with chorus.

Magda and her husband, Eugene, were avid cross-country skiers and marathon runners in their younger days, and climbed many peaks in Colorado, including Holy Cross Mountain. She also lectured at colleges and schools both here in the Valley and also in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia. She appeared on radio and television shows, and most recently was awarded the Red Letter Awards Spirit of Love Award in 2020. Google Magda to find links to many of her presentations and information about her life and her books.

Magda Herzberger’s poem, “Daybreak,” from her book, “Survival,” pg. 368, dedicated to her husband, Eugene, is an example of her beautiful thoughts on life and its temporary and ever-changing characteristic:

Daybreak (dedicated to my husband) by Magda Herzberger:

Come, my love

the night is gone

Yesterday slipped away

on the Milky Way

and the purple dawn put on

its sapphire crown,

ushering the new day

and making way

for the rising sun.

Let us resume

our daily course

on life’s terrain.

Let the returning light

illuminate our sight

and start a new episode.

Let us decipher a part

of the hidden code

of creation,

on our temporary

earthly station.