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Scott: Why I voted for Ginny Dickey


Depending on any allegiance you may have to local candidates, disinformation and deceit may be of little to no concern. That would be, of course, quite troubling since it equates to being devoid of ethics and integrity that would otherwise, under rational reflection, generate repudiation of candidates and their baggage of deception and dishonor.

Let’s consider the Fountain Hills mayoral race as an example.

One mayoral candidate has spoken at a white nationalist convention, wants “posses” to patrol community streets and is costing taxpayers more than $300 million for racial profiling.

A second mayoral candidate enabled a town council colleague’s bullying of staff by rejecting a vote for punishment that only passed through the leadership of others, and refused to express bond-funding support for our community’s public school system, its teachers and students.

The third mayoral candidate is the incumbent. She is experienced, respectful, respectable, pragmatic, thoughtful, prudent and inclusive. She is also not the two challengers above.

At times I get a feeling that some residents in this town disconnect from reality. They periodically rail against the roundabout, even though a public records request provided data showing a safer intersection for pedestrians and vehicles. They lash out at the disrepair of streets that studies show need funding the community refuses to give. They scapegoat two homeless individuals to perpetuate the tiresome fearmongering of an “invasion.” They engage in an anti-DEI crusade and use fear and fabrication to block Four Peaks/Target Center smart development.

Almost daily I walk Fountain Park, collecting litter around the lake to safeguard local wildlife. I often use the time to think about the beauty and charm of Fountain Hills. I voted Ginny Dickey for mayor to help protect these characteristics.

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