Where do you get your news about what’s going on in Congress? Maybe it’s from one of the cable channels, the major broadcast networks, an online news site or Twitter. Is the information reliable, or does it come with a “spin?” Wouldn’t you rather get the news directly from the source?

On Thursday, Aug. 15, Congressman David Schweikert will be the featured guest at Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party. Congressman Schweikert will share his firsthand knowledge of what is happening, and not happening, in Congress, and how it will affect us.

You’ve probably also heard about multiple examples of conservative speakers being uninvited or otherwise restricted from events on college campuses. Many of these instances have been met with violent protests and stifled the free exchange of ideas, which was once the hallmark of open discussion.

It is also well documented that most college and university professors identify themselves as “liberal” or “progressive.” This has created an environment of widespread “liberal” indoctrination of college students. What’s being done about it, to restore a balance of opinion and civil discourse? Austin Smith is the Chairman of Maricopa County Young Republicans. Austin will join us on Aug. 15 to explain what’s being done to counter this influence and promote consideration of conservative principles.

These are timely and important issues which affect us all in some way. Take some time to learn about them. Please attend Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party on Thursday, Aug. 15, at 6:30 p.m. at the FHUSD Learning Center. Admission is free and all are welcome. I hope to see you there.