What are people thinking? Having the fair this year, of all years? Are you kidding?

Why are the powers that be creating our very own super spreader a la Sturgis and the Trump rallies? Why are we inviting tens of thousands of people to our town, especially now, in the middle of an uptick in cases in Arizona?

The officials of Fountain Hills (except Alan Magazine, Ginny Dickey and Mike Scharnow) have apparently cast aside all concern about safety in the sprint for the almighty dollar? How many lives are worth that dollar?

We have a nice sort of bubble here in Fountain Hills. But hold on, let’s change that because now is just the right time to invite thousands to swarm around our town. In a world where people think it is a personal threat to wear a simple mask (and are openly packing to prove it), to think that rules about masks or allowing only one person at a time in a booth is not to recognize reality and not to understand the dynamics of the fair.

To have this event as if there is no pandemic is a direct threat to those of us who care about our own health and safety and that of others. When, over the three days of the fair many thousands attend – which they will – many become sick from their participation – which they will – and when some of those unnecessarily die – which they may – at least we will know where the responsibility lies.

Please, please, just stop! Use common sense. Now is absolutely not the time to have a large gathering anywhere, anytime, under any conditions, for any reason whatsoever. Most everyone is canceling or postponing everything, but not Fountain Hills, Arizona. What a distinction!