Single seniors beware! This week Hope for Homes Program and The Delia Foundation worked together to rescue a senior orphan. He is widowed and had a stroke, which left him bedbound.

A caregiver pretending to be from DES started helping him and used his debit card to buy him groceries. As time went on, he realized he did not have his card and $40,000 was missing from his account. She had kept his card. Fortunately, he called the bank and they gave him a different account and new card.

When we heard of his plight we swung into action to find him a safe home to move to. The caregiver appeared on the scene and said, “no, you are moving in with me. The gentleman agreed, until we found out she has a criminal record for fraud and told him. He agreed to move and we moved him Friday with the help of neighbors and medical transport.

Unfortunately, there are many people who take advantage of vulnerable seniors, even suggesting marriage to make sure they can have complete charge of the funds in the bank.