ADOG is rattlesnake ready.

When she said this would be a good idea, I really did not think that we would get the response that we did. I would like to thank Denise Dunning-Ricketts for suggesting, organizing and executing a very important event.

On the weekend of May13-14 at the Desert Vista dog park, ADOG members were invited to sign up for a training session that would ensure that a dog would not be interested in going anywhere near a rattlesnake.

Over the course of the weekend 48 dogs and one pet pig (that’s right, pig) were trained in how to avoid snakes. ADOG negotiated a special price with Cody and Kate Will, the owners of Rattlesnake Ready. This important membership benefit created significant reductions in the normal pricing.

We welcomed a lot of new members during this event and it sure looks like we will do it again next year, and likely in February so we can catch more of our winter visitors.

A big thank you to Phyllis Kern, who was kind enough to loan us the protective fencing for the event. When a need arises, Phyllis is always there.

Both Phyllis and Denise are local realtors and, based on my experience with both of them, not only are they very generous with their time, I am sure you could not go wrong with either of them in handling your real estate needs.

Thanks to all of our board for helping out.