Proposition 207 will be on the November ballot for our consideration and vote. Prop 207 would legalize marijuana for recreational use. Prop 205, from a few years ago, attempted to accomplish the same objective.

Fortunately, Prop 205 did not pass. Prop 205 promised more money for schools. What many voters didn’t understand was that it was projected to generate only about $36 per student per year, a minimal amount.

Proposition 207 does not promise any money for education. It would allow those who currently hold medical marijuana dispensary licenses to apply to sell recreational marijuana. It does promise them the potential for money; big money. The financial supporters of Prop 207 are largely out-of-state entities which are already in the marijuana business. They would gain financially from Prop 207 if it passes, and it is easy to believe it is their primary motivation.

Legalization of marijuana in other states, such as Colorado, has produced serious negative consequences including more motor vehicle accidents, more emergency room visits, more overdoses and other undesirable outcomes. We should learn from other states without repeating the mistakes. As with any ballot measure, it’s important to understand the intended and unintended consequences of our vote.

If you want to learn more about Prop 207, please attend the Thursday, Sept. 17 meeting of Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party at 6:30 p.m. at Fountain Hills Unified School District Learning Center (Northeast corner of Palisades and Golden Eagle). Our guest speakers will be Lisa James and Andrea and Dwight Kadar, who are well versed in the legal and social aspects of the issue. All are welcome to come, listen and learn. Admission is free, but donations to offset expenses are gratefully accepted and much appreciated. Appropriate precautions will be followed. For more information, visit: