As I left home this morning, arriving on La Montana, I heard some funny noise. I thought my door was ajar, so I made a left turn on Gunsight and pulled to the side to see what that noise was.

At the same time, a car going the opposite direction made a U-turn and stopped in front of me. This gentleman came to me and told me I had a flat on the front left side. He introduced himself and asked me if I had a spare.

I opened the trunk, got the spare and the jack and, in no time, he stepped in and changed the tire for me.

This helpful gentleman was John, who works for the well-known body shop, The Finishing Touch, which has been here for 39 years restoring special cars and others. I took my car there a long time ago and I wouldn’t take my care anyplace else.

Thank you, John. You made my day. What a nice guy.