By now the “Smart Development” group has turned in referendum petitions in hopes of getting the Daybreak zoning issues on the ballot.

Good for them!

That’s true democracy at work and another indication we have engaged citizens who are committed to their respective causes.

True democracy also showcases another freedom we enjoy – the right to free speech. However, I take exception when free speech is exploited and doesn’t accurately reflect the truth or is slanted as to deceive.

Committee chair Pete Brock, M.D. is quoted in last week’s issue saying that the Town Council ignored “the overwhelming majority of Fountain Hills residents opposed to Daybreak.”

Perhaps Dr. Brock has a more efficient and prescient crystal ball than I do, but no one can definitively say what the “overwhelming majority” of citizens want or don’t want on any issue outside of an election.

Sure, there was and remains a vocal group consisting primarily of neighbors who oppose Daybreak.

In all fairness, the Town Council also heard from hundreds who favor approving Daybreak.

There were letters to the editor from both sides. There were diverse public statements from citizens. No doubt some neighborhood barbecues. Gossip at the barber shop? And then there’s Facebook (ugh).

No citizen or Town Council member can state with certainty from among those random groups of people what the “majority” favor.

To state otherwise is misleading and disingenuous. And even if there is an election, we will probably hear from less than half of the registered voters in town.

As a council member, it’s my duty to factor in all arguments, opinions and concerns, facts, staff reports, economic impacts, housing diversity, commission recommendations, the Strategic Plan et al. and base my decision on what’s best for the entire community.

And that’s what I did.