My aunt, Julie Patterson, was brutally murdered 28 years ago in her home in Fountain Hills. She was 39 years old. It is difficult to fully express the magnitude of loss that was inflicted on our family and on Fountain Hills in August of 1991.

Quite simply, Julie was everyone’s favorite. Born into a huge family, she joked that she was the family “Jules.” She volunteered, had a particularly great sense of humor and loved Christmas. One of Julie’s greatest talents was the ability to find the perfect gift – often something you didn’t realize you needed until you unwrapped it.

Yet, sometime during the night of Aug. 8 or early morning of Aug. 9, 1991 someone bludgeoned Julie to death in her own home while she was sleeping.

This unimaginable tragedy is compounded by the fact that after 28 years, we are no closer to having any answers. Whoever committed Julie’s murder remains free. We have been in regular contact with the police and remain willing to help in any way possible. We have shown enormous faith in law enforcement and have been patient. What are the results to date? We have read that the police investigation has resulted in a hefty file.

Twenty-eight years is a long time. In that time, we have celebrated births and weddings alike under the shadow of Julie’s absence. We were robbed of this treasure in our lives. My grandmother went to her own grave never knowing who killed her daughter.

It is difficult to believe that, in 28 years, law enforcement has only achieved a six-inch case file. We beg law enforcement and the public to please remember my aunt and use every resource to see that there is justice for Julie.