Joe Biden’s calling Georgia’s election law requiring photo ID to vote “Jim Crow on steroids” is a clear attempt to divide our nation along racial lines. To say it is racist to prove who you are to vote is absurd. Is it racist when we are asked to show an ID to buy alcohol, board a plane, rent a car or get a COVID vaccine? Is Biden saying that people of color don’t know how to obtain an ID or know how to find their driver’s license number on it to put on an absentee ballot? That is racist thinking. How insulting to all Americans.

What’s on steroids is the left’s ongoing crusade to use racial division as a tool to create a one-party State. Under this model, for example, Biden’s “infrastructure” bill is not about fixing roads and bridges, but rather pushes the climate change agenda and zoning laws in the name of racial justice. See where this is going? Object to any of these ideas on the merits and you are labeled a racist in the same way you are racist if you think secure elections require showing an ID.

What makes it even worse is that woke corporations like Major League Baseball, Coke-a-Cola and Delta Airlines are playing ball with the left to benefit their bottom line by ingratiating themselves to those in power. Think otherwise? Try boarding a Delta flight or picking up your Diamondbacks tickets without a photo ID and see how far you get.

It’s time to take a stand against this insanity by speaking out publicly, by voting and choosing to not support disingenuous woke businesses that are using race to benefit their bottom line. President Abraham Lincoln’s words ring true, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Was he a racist?