At a cost of under $100 for the entire year, the average homeowner in Fountain Hills can continue to contribute to the education of our children. As in the past, the budget overrides for FHUSD are again up for vote, and as we have in the past, we need to be sure this passes again.

If the Maintenance and Operations override (M&O) doesn’t pass, it would result in losing around $1.3 million a year in the operating school budget, and the DAA override for student supplies, furniture, etc. would see a reduction of $750,000 from the monies intended for those purposes. Please vote “yes” for both overrides on the ballot.

The quality of our school district is paramount to attracting young families to our town and keeping the residents that we have. An investment in our school system is an investment in our town. Please remember, we passed the override in 2014 and we have been paying for that all along. So, this is simply a continuation of the promise we made to the children in Fountain Hills. It’s not a new and added tax burden.