Sometimes, adversity and challenges can be strong motivators to work even harder and “stay in the game.” The results of Super Bowl LV can be an example of persistence and commitment to a cause.

If you have followed football, you know the history of Tom Brady, his stellar career with the New England Patriots and several Super Bowl victories. Then, the Patriots had a bad year and Brady was no longer part of the team. He joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That team, with Brady’s dedication, skill and leadership and with (former Arizona Cardinals coach) Head Coach Bruce Arians is now the Super Bowl champion.

How was this done? By staying committed to a cause, by staying “in the game.” Brady didn’t give up. Arians didn’t give up. For many of us, the results of the November election were and remain very disappointing.

Litigation and other challenges are ongoing in many jurisdictions, including Maricopa County. Considerable doubt about the integrity of the process continues. Some voters have concluded that their votes didn’t count and don’t matter. Some may choose to abandon our civic responsibility. But you can't win if you give up. You can’t win unless you stay in the game, and this applies to politics as well as sports.

One way to stay in the game locally is to be aware of the issues before and actions of the Town Council. On Thursday, Feb. 18, at 6:30 p.m., Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party will host a virtual Town Talk session with Councilmembers Dave Spelich and Gerry Friedel. All interested parties are welcome to join in. Information on how to connect can be found at