You asked, Mr. Hover, for voters to search their core values regarding the coming election. Well, I did. These words are not just mine. I have borrowed many points from reading, listening and discussing this election with other freedom-loving Americans.

Mr. Hover, I'm not voting for a personality. This election is not a high school popularity contest, it is about the fight for the survival of America. I’m voting for the freedom to worship, the Second Amendment, the police, law and order. I'm voting for the American dream and capitalism, for the military and those who fought and died for our freedoms. I’m voting for the right to speak my opinions without censorship. I’m voting for secure borders, for the unborn, our American flag and one nation, under God. I am voting for the future of my family and my country.

It seems you hold other opinions. Reading your writing of last week, I cannot begin to figure out what you are for if you truly are against President Trump and the enumerated above principles he stands for. What I will be voting for is not a man, but his policies.

Mr. Hover, I hope you will now search your conscience and consider what is truly important at this critical juncture in our country’s history. We cannot return to the last century and Eisenhower but, if you truly believe that Joe Biden and his Marxist/Socialist brethren are akin to Ronald Reagan, Nixon, or even the Bushs, you are grossly mistaken.