Every American generation has been challenged since the American Revolution, from the apocalypse of the Civil War to America’s ascendency to world power following Pearl Harbor and WWII, winning the Cold War and fighting the war on terror.

As Baby Boomers we have lived through our share of trauma including Vietnam, the turmoil of the Civil Rights movement, the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King and 9/11.

This generation of young Americans, who has come of age post-9/11, are experiencing what may be the great challenge of their generation. Their calamity began with the election of a narcissistic, xenophobic, demagogue as president who embodies greed.

Young people have seen the stock market rise into the stratosphere along with the nation’s debt, with the rest of us for the first time threatened by a pandemic, the last of which came to our shores in 1918.

I believe history will look back on the period as the perfect storm; the ever-rising markets looking for an excuse for correction, a world order inching away from American economic, military and cultural domination. The ruling party, whose traditional policies were balancing the budget and reducing spending, oversaw the creation of greatest deficit in history.

There are tough decisions to be made going forward. The people of America get to speak their minds in November 2020. The choice we face collectively is stark. For young Americans, the choice will determine the America they live in for the next 20-40 years. It’s perhaps the most important electoral decision of their lives.

Please ignore the carnival barker; he cares only about his own personal gain. He is rapidly doing to America what he did to his businesses, leading us into bankruptcy from which only the snake oil salesman escapes unscathed.