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Dover: Toth is not responsible for the actions of others


Eric Landau’s recent letter called Charlie Kirk a “right-wing extremist” and noted Hannah Toth works for a company he founded. Perhaps he would be good enough to tell us all what that is.

What is an “extremist?” “Extreme” is an adjective or an adverb. It modifies a noun or a verb. So, what does “extreme” modify, in clear terms for American voters and their concerns?

“Right-wing?” What’s that? What does it mean? Nazi? Communist? Autocracy? Thief? What?

There are no “wings” in the U.S.A. There is a constitution, written in English. Some people believe in a close relationship with public policy and that document, and others want to go away from those precepts. What’s new?

There are criminal acts. Is advocating for and helping to form opinions in advocacy of public policy, criminal activity? Are laws being broken? For some, that would seem to be the case if you do not agree with them.

Landau says, essentially, that because of the actions of two in a large organization, that Toth should resign from Turning Point Action or from the town council. Why? Is she responsible for the actions of two? Is the larger organization responsible? Did Turning Point send those two miscreants on a mission to physically assault someone? Should Joe Biden resign because anti-Jewish protesters who support him commit crimes?

The letter read as a continuation of the specious assaults directed against three of the town’s council members. It’s beginning to take on the appearance of a coordinated campaign.

Ours is a participatory government. Based on what was written, I would conclude that what is “extreme” is the vituperation which the writer directed against an honorable civic servant, in print, for her support of her legal, ethical, political activity and views.

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