Mr. Joe Biden, former vice president, is a would-be presidential candidate; some say the best the Democrats have to offer.

Spare us future gaffing by President Joe. How? Do not elect him.

Government has been a serious business, a conscious work. If elected, what can be expected from President Joe?

At day one in his beginner days of office, Joe Biden has gaffed his way throughout his career.

A gaffe, which is a blunder in speech, can have comical undertones. There is quite a bit of truth in jokes. But it is not reasonable to have gaffes regularly, instead of decorum. Loss of the bounds of decorum are inappropriate. Gaffes are unintended tangents or asides. They cause guffawing and then, afterward, one must give the obligatory explanation.

Gaffes are symptomatic of the gaffer, a symptom of his uncontrolled thoughts and speech. It is an unconscious motive that leaks out of his psyche, of course his mistake. What is Joe really saying when he gaffes? Will we ever know?

Kings in the past had jesters whose function at times was to shunt direct discussion away from certain topics by playing the fool. Gaffes do indeed act as shunts. Is that what is desired of a leader; to shunt, as a fool would? Hardly!

Conscious, rational and effective leadership is what is desired of a president, not sleepy, half-conscious “jibber-jabber” from Biden.

Gaffe me not. Do not elect Mr. Biden in 2020.