The filibuster is the only non-partisan tool left in the box. We should be proud that our Senator, Kyrsten Sinema, is standing up to the bullies in Washington who are trying to crush her.

The book is still out on Mark Kelly. He talked the talk of unity during the election – Republican wingmen and reaching across the aisle – but when Uncle Chuckie snaps his fingers, will Kelly stand or start dancing like his pants are on fire?

Meanwhile, we are supposed to blindly accept that a city smaller than greater Metropolitan Tucson gets two U.S. senators, just like a real state? Why not nominate Bumble Bee or Mammoth in Arizona? Worth a shot. Give the district back to Maryland and Virginia. Help the tax base of those states, do not make a joke out of statehood.

Like Gilbert and Sullivan have said, “If everyone is somebody, no one is anybody.”