The Washington Post gave Mr. Biden four Pinochios for his “Jim Crow” description of Georgia’s election laws, but he keeps on being the politician he has been for 50 years and relentlessly will not give us a break from politics.

Stacey Abrams requested for MLB to specifically not move the All-Star game from Georgia. Ms. Abrams, we recall, was a person who labored tirelessly to give Mr. Biden two senators from Georgia. But instead of respecting her wishes, Mr. Biden openly applauded MLB’s recent inexplicable virtue signaling.

So, the unpresidential president who sees nothing wrong with a photo ID for air travel, Capitol building access, driving a car and maybe even a COVID passport apparently wants Americans to blindly trust his word that Georgia’s request to verify is too bad for Major League Baseball. Alas, he finds that he once again contradicts Ms. Abrams. For, we also recall, Ms. Abrams raised the election process concerns addressed by the legislature in Georgia during the 2018 election!

Mr. Biden’s reminder that even baseball must fall to the almighty government god is a big reason why the Constitution wisely allows states, not the Federal government, to regulate their own elections.