Fountain Hills can refocus now that P&Z postponed action on Daybreak until September. Kudos to the 200-plus citizens who packed that meeting!

So let’s return now to the issue of economic development. Some on the council don’t care for that topic but with all our see-through buildings, empty retail/commercial and barren downtown lots, economic development cannot be ignored.

First, the Chamber of Commerce could kick-start something great on the Avenue of the Fountains. They are planning new construction to expand at their current location. Why there, and why build? What makes sense is for the Chamber to lease needed space in the empty retail pads under the Avenue of the Fountains apartments and, by doing that, direct all Chamber/tourism traffic to the Avenue. And what a great showcase location for the Chamber.

Second, relocate the Fountain Hills Theater where it belongs, in the heart of downtown.

Third, add some hip new bars, restaurants and you have the start of a consolidated tourism/arts/dining district. I lived in Tempe for 30 years and supported the redevelopment of what today is a vibrant, beautiful destination which brought Tempe the “Best Downtown in the State” award. It took time, commitment and thinking outside the box.

So let’s get started! Come on, Chamber and city fathers, give it some thought.