Let’s be clear, there were white supremacists and other extremists in the crowd that stormed the Capital on Jan. 6, but the vast majority of the crowd did no more than the hundreds of left-wing activists who unlawfully demonstrated day after day at the Capitol and the Supreme Court in 2018.

In September and Oct. 2018, the liberal fanatics disrupted the hearings, belted on the doors of the Supreme Court with intent to enter and harassed a sitting senator over the trumped-up charges against Supreme Court nomination, Brett M. Kavanaugh. Hundreds of left-wing activists were arrested, but were not federally prosecuted, unlike so many of those who participated in the demonstration on Jan. 6.

So many of those January demonstrators are still incarcerated eight months later. Let’s remember the media and Democrats were excruciatingly slow in admitting their first report that the crowd killed a police officer was fake news. No police were killed at the riot.

Police were injured in Washington in Jan. 2021, which is reprehensible, but as a result of the summer 2020 BLM riots across the country there were 15 times more injured police officers and 30 times as many arrests (but many of the liberal prosecutors soon released the majority of the summer 2020 rioters, even the violent offenders), as reported by The Arizona Republic. Also, in terms of estimated damages in dollar figures, the Black Lives Matter crowds were up to 1,300 times more costly than those of the Capital riot. Where was the liberal media and the likes of Nancy Pelosi when major U.S. cities were burning? The double standard of outrage should never be excused, for this is the United States of American, not a mirror of the USSR or the Chinese Communist Party. Or is it?