The recent fair was a huge success, as usual, with crowds of merchants and browsers enjoying all there was to offer.

This year’s fair changed the location of the two political booths, Democrat and Republican, way out on the end of Saguaro Boulevard. In past years, these two were located in the very heart of the fair, side by side and across from the Chamber of Commerce booth. That move spoke to how today’s political discourse has deteriorated.

Last week’s opinion page carried a letter from an attendant at the Democrat booth charging she had been bullied by Republicans using inappropriate language. Our booths were not side by side this year, so Republican attendants could not see the Democrat booth. As an attendant for a shift in the Republican booth, I can attest that we were extremely busy accepting positive responses from fair attendants and accepting membership applications to join our organization.

Members of the Republican Club are dedicated to maintaining this country’s founding fathers’ documents that guarantee freedom and the opportunity for every individual to experience those freedoms and thrive. We are definitely never interested in bullying or using inappropriate language to anyone that differs from our stance.

Would like to know how this person was able to be sure the bullies were Republican.