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Work to replace the aging Rotary Centennial Splash Pad at Fountain Park is well underway, with much of the demolition work wrapping up last week.

The Splash Pad was installed in 2007 and was one of the first such amenities installed in Arizona. The council approved the contract for the replacement in June, with work waiting until the end of the summer season to begin.

“The splash pad components have exceeded their life expectancy and are showing significant wear and tear,” Community Services Director Rachael Goodwin told the council in June. “Many fixtures are leaking both above and subgrade. While efforts have been made to replace seals and gaskets, most items are beyond repair.”

The project requires significant excavation at the site, removal of the existing concrete base and replacement of modular fixtures.

Due to the popular nature of the Splash Pad and, as it is the only water-based public amenity in town, staff recommended an increase in the footprint to create zones for age-appropriate play. The remodeled pad will have water fixtures to accommodate children ages 2 to 5 and older children ages 5-10.

The new pad will feature a 20-foot-high double bucket dumper as well as a waterfall for younger users.

The modular design will make repairs and replacement easier and allow for occasional changeover of features.

The Splash Pad is expected to be ready for use in summer 2022. While Fountain Hills Rotary clubs were instrumental in providing the initial Splash Pad, they will not be participating in the replacement project.