The Fountain Hills Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition is offering a convenient, safe and free way to dispose of Rx pills during Covid-19 restrictions.

For many in the community, the green prescription drug drop box in Town Hall has become the place to put those unused, unwanted and expired medications. But due to COVID-19 and the shutdown of Town Hall, the Coalition wants to make sure any unwanted medications can still be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

The local Coalition is offering DisposeRx, a safe at-home medication disposal product designed to reduce the misuse of le­ftover medications, which can be the source of addiction, overdoses and accidental poisonings. DisposeRx packets contain components that are eco-friendly. Simply add water to a prescription vial of unused pills and pour in the DisposeRx powder. A­er shaking the vial for 30 seconds, a thick gel will form, making the medication unusable so you can safely throw it away in your household trash.

“We want people to know there is still an option to get those unwanted medications disposed of properly, even during the stay-at-home orders,” said Shelly Mowrey, director of the Coalition.

The coalition will mail the packets, with instructions on how to use them, to local homes at no cost. One packet is good for one bottle of medication. If you would like an at-home prescription drug disposal packet, visit the coalition “Contact Us” page at FHCoalition.org to make a request.