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Kavanagh: Arizona Families Tax Rebate is on the way


As we end a year that was economically challenging for many Arizonans, I'm writing to inform families that in the coming weeks, thousands can expect up to $750 in one-time checks and direct deposits, thanks to a new state tax rebate.

Last legislative session, Republican lawmakers advocated for the Arizona Families Tax Rebate which will put money back into the pockets of approximately 750,000 families. Both Senate and House Republicans supported returning a portion of the state's $2 billion surplus to Arizona families to provide some measure of relief from crippling inflation due to reckless policies coming out of Washington, D.C. We were successful in delivering this relief despite objections from our governor.

The rebate will be paid to taxpayers with dependents who paid at least $1 of individual income tax on their 2021, 2020 or 2019 return and claimed the dependent tax credit in 2021 on their Arizona resident income tax return. The rebate is $250 per dependent under the age of 17 and $100 per dependent 17 and over as claimed on the taxpayer's 2021 return, up to three dependents or $750 per taxpayer.

The Department of Revenue will issue a direct deposit for those who have their information on file or issue a paper check to the last known address. If neither is successful, you may file a claim using the department's online claim portal at familyrebate.aztaxes.gov.

You can find more information at azsenaterepublicans.com/post/arizona-tax-rebate-faq.

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