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James: Political signs are fine when they come down on time


Some folks complain about the proliferation of political signs; not me.

I am happy to see the large number of different campaign signs come up during the election season. The various campaign signs indicate that our democratic republic is still alive and that we the people still have a varied choice in whom we choose to represent or lead us at the town, county, state and federal level. 

What I don't like about all the political signs is that so many remain up after they are no longer useful. Primary candidates who are not selected to go onto the General Elections should take down their signs in a fairly quick manner. I believe the law gives them 15 days, but I think they should have their signs down by the end of the first weekend after the primary.

And candidates in the November General Election, whether the winner or just a runner-up, should do the same immediately after the election. To leave signs up much longer is a show of disrespect to we the voters and everyone else.

We don’t have autumn tree color changes out in the Valley. These signs do give us some scenery variety, when up they are like full-leafed trees. When down at the end of autumn, they are like bare trees, returning our views of nature or buildings and streets.

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