A shoutout in favor of one of our local businesses, Sember Motorsports Auto Body and Paint, owned by Mark Sember.

I found myself needing to have the rear hatch on my vehicle replaced. Mark prepared a quote and sent it to my insurance company, who countered with a quote requiring use of a used hatch rather than a new one. They sent a used hatch from Texas, which Mark sent back because it was not in perfect condition. They found another used hatch and, upon receiving it, Mark returned it due to condition issues. They said there was another hatch in Tuscon, so Mark called only to find out they didn’t have one. Finally, on the fourth try, they delivered a hatch Mark deemed acceptable.

Probably Mark could have used any of these hatches and I may not have been able to determine the difference. He used his time, at no additional benefit to himself, to make sure the job was properly completed. He also repaired a couple of small items, not associated with the hatch replacement, at no additional charge.

I highly recommend Sember Motorsports Auto Body and Paint to anyone needing collision repair.