It is so tiresome to hear every time a Republican runs for public office they are accused of being a racist.

Recently it has become an epidemic from the left. They talk about the hate speech of President Trump when the incessant, vulgar diatribe that has been spewing from the mouths of news commentators and elected officials has continued since the stunning loss of Hillary Clinton. Clinton, who we would remember, lumped half the country as deplorables. That means I was included; I felt insulted.

I believe in law and order. If individuals break into my country instead of waiting in line like I did, they are not “undocumented,” they are illegal immigrants and are breaking the law. Donald Trump, who has in-laws and grandchildren who are Jewish, along with his support of Israel is still called anti-Semitic!

The white supremacists in Charlottesville do not represent our Republican Party, but taking down of statues and trying to erase important symbols of our history is ridiculous. Daily we hear of the ignorance of basic current affairs and the lack of knowledge of history by Americans is very sad. There is no place for the use of political correctness in judging our forefathers. They were not perfect then and certainly our current leaders have their faults, but I still believe in exceptionalism and I live in the greatest country in the world.

It is the land of opportunity for those who abide by our laws and work hard towards their American dream. Because likeminded citizens want to deport those who have overstayed their visas or have broken our laws does not earn us the title of racist.