An interesting letter in July 1 edition of The Fountain Hills Times addressed “this bunk term ‘white privilege’...propaganda buzz word of radical left.”

Evidence of historical white privilege would lead to other buzz words such as Manifest Destiny, Jim Crow laws and broken treaties with Native Americans.

Evidence of CY 2020 white privilege can be found in the state of Georgia’s voter registration fiasco and the current COVID-19 infection and death rates in non-white populations.

The writer of the subject letter would also lead us to believe “there was no privilege in the military.” I quote from an old military axiom; RHIP...rank has its privileges. I enjoyed white privilege as an Air Force Lt. in Louisiana, Texas and South Carolina in the afore mentioned Jim Crow south. As I progressed in rank, my privileges improved in monthly pay, quarters assignment and authority, resulting in the privilege of command twice during my career.

My whiteness, however, did not afford me the privilege of counseling my sons regarding their behavior when stopped in traffic for driving while black.

Let me close by suggesting the book, “The Warmth of Other Suns,” by Isabel Wilkerson.