These are odd times that we live in – COVID epidemic as well as unrest in our country. Elections matter more this year than ever before.

I recently attended an event to meet and listen to the Republican candidates for our state Legislative District 23. Political newcomer Joseph Chaplik caught my attention and won my support. I know from experience that running against incumbents is very difficult, but I think he has what it takes to win and govern. I liked the fact that he is a businessman who understands fiscal responsibility.

Arizona is experiencing the blessing, but also the challenge of large numbers of residents that are moving to the state. It will mean new and better infrastructure, additional schools and well-planned growth. He understands this.

On a personal level, he is smart, energetic and listened to my concerns. When I emailed him with some questions, I got an almost immediate reply. That impressed me. His vision of Arizona is what we need in these difficult and challenging times. Please join me in voting for candidate Joseph Chaplik.