Lynn Jaffe

Lynn Joy Jaffe (April 10, 1946 – Nov. 11, 2020)

Lynn was born in Brooklyn, New York, on April 10, 1946 to public school teacher parents Louis and Ann Jaffe.

Early on she gravitated to athletic activities, being a school cheerleader and finding her passion in ice figure skating, an avocation she pursued for many years.

Lynn was a very independent person, not quite part of the mainstream or following the masses. Her father and mother, fierce socialists, were part of the teacher group that refused to “name names” and lost their jobs over principles. Her mother gave her a passion for living and desire for independence.

After graduating college, she was a social worker and airline reservationist, and then started a small roller-skating company, Broadway Skates, and a career teaching figure skating.

Not making much of a living, she analyzed the job market and decided on a future in business, specifically as a marketing professor. She diligently put her plan into place, studied hard, and earned both an MBA and DBA in business from Boston University. Her thesis focused on how to effectively advertise products to women, as the shift was occurring from women being housewives to working career women. Her papers on this subject have been cited in many marketing research and advertising journals. In the Fall of 1989, she accepted the position of Marketing Professor at Northeastern University in Boston.

Her spouse, Stuart Wecker, also accepted a position at the University as professor of computer science. That is where they met. Married in 1992, they built a wonderful life together in Sudbury, Mass.

After two miserable winters they bravely headed west in the fall of 1997 to beautiful Sedona, Ariz. Lynn retired from teaching while Stu had an active consulting career. Lynn was very active in the arts and pursued watercolor painting. After six years staring at beautiful rocks and not much else, Lynn and Stu headed down to the valley and settled in Fountain Hills.

Lynn returned to her passion of ice figure skating. Now in her late sixties, she went to the Ice Den in Scottsdale and skated twice a week. For many years she worked hard, created artistic programs and really enjoyed her retired life. Lynn and Stu became more active in the liberal political movement and involved in the Town of Fountain Hills, Liberal Ladies, and the Democratic Club.

Lynn survived cancer three years ago and had been in remission, during which time she enjoyed a great life of traveling, cooking and painting with her soulmate, Stu. Unfortunately, the cancer returned with a vengeance and in just eight short weeks it took her life from dear family and friends. Lynn is survived by her devoted husband, Stuart; her brother, Robert; and two stepchildren, Amy and Jessica. She will be missed by her family and many friends. She can be remembered by donating to the American Cancer Society.

Lynn Jaffe was buried in the Jewish cemetery, Mt. Sinai, near Pinnacle Peak, Ariz., on Friday, Nov. 13, 2020.