High school economics techer John Burnett works with student Jacob Derr. Burnett's senior economics students take part in the Junior Achievement program, learning focused business and finance lessons from their instructor, as well as community volunteers.

The Verne C. Johnson Family Foundation (Diane Flynn, Ron and Dwight Johnson) has donated $10,000 to Junior Achievement of Arizona and will match dollar-for-dollar any donation up to $10,000 by Tax Day, April 15, 2019.

Fountain Hills resident Dwight Johnson said he invites his neighbors to make a donation using their Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization Tax Credit and receive it back, dollar-for-dollar, on their Arizona tax returns.

“That means you can double your impact for Fountain Hills students and it won’t cost you a penny,” Johnson said, concerning to proposed donation match.

Arizona tax credit donations can still be made and applied to taxes owed for 2018. Or, for those who have already taken part in the program for 2018, donations can be made and applied for 2019. The Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization Tax Credit allows an individual to donate (up to $400 per individual or $800 couple; married and filing jointly) to certain causes that make an immediate difference in the Fountain Hills community, like Junior Achievement of Arizona.

“And this tax credit doesn’t’ compete with the school tax credits, so you can take advantage of both opportunities,” Johnson explained.

For more information on how the program impacts the local Junior Achievement program, visit jaaz.org/supportfh. From there, you can make a donation that will directly benefit local students as a dollar-for-dollar credit when filing Arizona taxes. Making a contribution through this link is also how the donation will be met by the Verne C. Johnson Family Foundation.

For those unfamiliar with the program, Junior Achievement of Arizona is dedicated to preparing students, kindergarten through high school, to succeed in work and life. For the past 13 years, Junior Achievement has impacted the lives of 10,000 students in Fountain Hills. Just last year, Junior Achievement served 839 youth at Fountain Hills High School, Fountain Hills Middle School and McDowell Mountain Elementary School. The organization partners with more than 60 mentors from the community to provide this financial/life-planning education and equip our community’s future.

“I have been blessed with teaching Junior Achievement in our Fountain Hills schools since JA came to Fountain Hills 13 years ago,” Johnson said. “I am so glad we can additionally give back financially and hope that our Fountain Hills residents will want to support this matching program.”