Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 14600 block of Avenue of the Fountains on Saturday, Nov. 2, after a caller reported that she heard glass break and shatter at an apartment near her.

Deputies arrived on scene and discovered a broken window to the residence and blood on the window sill. Deputies made announcements and knocked on the door but received no response from anyone inside the residence.

Deputies entered the residence to determine if someone needed aid due to the blood and the broken window. Deputies located a female and a man who was sleeping on the bed. The female was cooperative, however the male woke up and was agitated that deputies were inside his home and threatened to get a firearm. He then assaulted the female in front of deputies and obtained an instrument he threatened to use as a weapon against the female.

Deputies deployed their Tasers and struggled with the male subject, ultimately taking him into custody. He was booked into jail for aggravated assault. Deputies reported the man appeared to be heavily intoxicated during the incident.

*On Sunday, Nov. 3, deputies responded to a report of a verbal argument at a hotel in the 17100 block of Shea Blvd. A male subject who was involved in the argument was found to have a warrant for his arrest and he was booked into jail on the warrant.

*On Monday, Nov. 4, deputies arrested a male subject at the request of the Fountain Hills presiding judge for disruptive behavior in the courtroom. The subject was booked into the 4th Ave Jail.

*On Tuesday, Nov. 5, a resident of the 12200 block of Gambel Drive reported being scammed out of $9,000. The victim told deputies he returned a call to an automated phone message stating he needed to contact the person to avoid criminal prosecution. An individual identified himself as a Social Security agent. He informed the victim his SSN was stolen and used in a crime ring. The caller informed the victim he needed to issue him a new SSN and the victim provided the caller with his current SSN, as well as his banking information. The caller then instructed the victim to withdraw funds from his banking account and purchase Target Store gift cards to avoid the appearance of money laundering. The victim drove to numerous stores and obtained gift cards and he provided the gift card numbers to the caller. The victim ultimately realized this was a scam, however all of the funds on the purchased gift cards had already been used.

*On Monday, Nov. 4, a resident of the 16300 block of Bainbridge Ave. reported that in September a package was stolen from his patio and when he requested a refund from EBAY, they required a police report number.

*On Saturday, Nov. 2, a resident of the12200 block of Fountain Hills Blvd. reported someone burglarized his vehicle during the night and removed several items. The victim believed the vehicle may have been left unlocked.

*On Monday, Nov. 4, deputies received a report that a male subject walked into a store in the

17100 block of Shea Blvd. and stole two bags of chips and a 12-pack of beer. The suspect left in a vehicle, but the employee was unable to obtain a license plate. The incident was captured on surveillance cameras.

*On Sunday, Nov. 3, a resident of the 16500 block of Jacklin Drive reported that someone had shattered the rear window to her vehicle while it was parked out front of her home sometime during the night. Nothing was reported missing from the vehicle.

*On Monday, Nov. 4, a resident of the 16700 block of Ashbrook Drive reported someone had broken the rear tail light on a vehicle belonging to her daughter while it was parked in front of the residence. A beer can was located near the broken tail light and a neighbor informed deputies that there was a party at a nearby residence the night before.

*On Tuesday, Nov. 5, Town of Fountain Hills Parks staff reported that five different soap dispensers, valued at $75 each, were damaged at the Golden Eagle Park.

*On Sunday, Nov. 3, a business in the 16400 block of Avenue of the Fountains reported that four teenagers stole a golf cart belonging to the business and left it damaged near businesses at Palisades and Fountain Hills boulevards.

*On Friday, Nov. 1, deputies stopped a motorist near Saguaro and Grande boulevards for a moving violation and it was discovered the driver was under the influence of alcohol. The driver was charged with Extreme DUI.

*On Saturday, Nov. 2, a motorist was cited for misdemeanor criminal speed after he was allegedly traveling 72 miles per hour where the speed limit is 50 on Shea Blvd.

*On Tuesday, Nov. 5, a motorist stopped for speeding on Fountain Hills Blvd. near Pinto Dr. was found to be driving while his driving privileges were suspended. The driver was cited for the violation.

*On Tuesday, Nov. 5, deputies responded to a collision at Saguaro Blvd. and Hawk Dr. A motorist attempted to turn left onto Saguaro from Hawk after stopping at the stop sign. The driver did not see an oncoming vehicle traveling on Saguaro and the two vehicles collided. The driver attempting to turn left onto Saguaro was cited.

*On Tuesday, Nov. 5, a resident reported his vehicle was struck while in a parking lot at Palisades and Shea boulevards. The second vehicle left the scene without providing information. A witness was able to provide the license plate to the victim, who then gave the information to MCSO. The investigation is ongoing.

*On Wednesday, Nov. 6, deputies stopped a motorist for speeding on Saguaro Blvd. at Amhurst Dr. and it was determined the driver had two misdemeanor warrants for his arrest. The driver was booked into jail on the warrants.

*On Wednesday, Nov. 6, a resident reported that while shopping at a local store, she left her purse in the shopping cart and left. When she realized it was left in the cart and returned to the store, the purse was located, however $750 in cash had been stolen from inside the purse.

*On Wednesday, Nov. 6, a resident of the 13300 block of Sunridge Drive reported that she paid a representative of a company $1,300 to install wood shutters. The balance of the invoice was to be paid upon completion of the work. The victim reported the work was never completed and the company has been uncooperative. She was told the employee no longer works for the company.

*On Wednesday, Nov. 6, a motorist was stopped near Inca and Hawk drives for an equipment violation. Deputies discovered the driver was operating the vehicle with a revoked driver’s License. Per state law, the vehicle was towed and impounded on a 30-day impound.