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Outdoors act


Arizonans know the importance of maintaining our national parks’ beauty and accessibility. Recently, congress passed the Great American Outdoors Act, legislation to improve infrastructure and access to our national parks and public lands, while also promoting new job growth.

I am pleased to report this legislation has been signed into law by President Trump. I voted in favor of this bipartisan bill, as I know this legislation will benefit our state of Arizona significantly. As an avid hiker, I know the importance of maintaining our public lands and national parks. These national treasures also play a critical role in our state’s revenue and employment, ultimately contributing to our local economic development.

The Great American Outdoors Act will guarantee the continued protection and maintenance of our National Parks, so that future generations to come will have the opportunity to cherish their natural beauty. Tourism contributes significantly to our state’s economy, as millions of people alone visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona annually. More locally, the Arizona Trail is another great example of a local resource that will directly benefit from the now-permanent funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

As someone who regularly hikes and actively enjoys public lands with my family throughout our beautiful state, I know the importance of outdoor activities to our community, which is why I believe this legislation will not only benefit our great state of Arizona, but also you and I both. I am pleased to ensure, through this newly enacted legislation, that we can all continue to enjoy these local treasures.