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Slechta: We need Peggy McMahon on the Town Council


Re-elect Peggy McMahon! Peggy is known throughout our community as a dedicated public servant. The fact is that Peggy is so much more.

Peggy knows that any successful local government requires teamwork. She works hard with other town elected officials to reach consensus in solving community issues. But Peggy also volunteers for, and works diligently on, more town and regional committees than just about anybody on the town council. She just does the work, not seeking publicity, and always focuses on addressing the town’s best interests.

In her first term, Peggy teamed with council members and town staff to move our fire department to in-house.  She worked with the council and business leaders in the beautification of our downtown. Peggy will team with others to continue to develop our downtown. But, she has been working with others to address the Shea corridor business issues as well. Saving Target and all the surrounding businesses is critical to our community’s financial health.

Peggy began her first term during one of the most difficult periods in American history, the COVID pandemic. Through those years, businesses faced financial ruin, the town lost huge amounts of revenue but is required by law to balance the budget.

We have come out of that healthier financially, more beautiful and more envied by other towns and cities. We have so much to be thankful for and community involvement and leadership were key. Peggy McMahon was a leader. She was a team player. We need Peggy McMahon on the Town Council. Re-elect Peggy McMahon!

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