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Plencner: Gerry Friedel is the hardest working man in Fountain Hills


The usual suspects filled the Times Independent Feb. 21 opinion page. They bashed Reclaim Our Town, a grassroots citizens group, Councilman Allen Skillicorn – the left’s favorite punching bag – and now it seems a memo went out to Fountain Hills Liberals that it's time to sharpen their pencils and beat up on Councilman Gerry Friedel for daring to run for mayor.

Let me explain something: Reclaim our Town came into being as a direct result of Ginny Dickey and her fellow Democrats who would not listen to citizens. When government is not responsive to citizens and their own Planning and Zoning Commission, something is very wrong at Town Hall.

Dickey should not be running again, she's like a broken record prattling on about the streets, affordable housing and pond liners. The same issues she drags out every election cycle. Thank goodness the mayor has to appear before us every two years; in their wisdom voters chose not to give her a four-year term when the issue was on the ballot a few years ago.

As for Councilman and mayoral candidate Friedel, who has been called the hardest working man in Fountain Hills. He is everywhere helping, listening and responding to constituents’ issues and concerns. Gerry will never play politics when it comes to safety, quality of life and protecting what we have in Fountain Hills. You can take his word to the bank, that's why he is such a threat to Dickey.

There is a clear distinction between Dickey's same old same old and Gerrys clear vision for Fountain Hills.

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