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Mynars: Seeing history repeat itself


With the heat of the summer upon us, I suspect many of you are spending your afternoons inside watching TV. But is it a good expenditure of your time? To me, “good TV” is an oxymoron, but perhaps there are exceptions.

I recently finished watching “Hitler and the Nazis: Evil on Trial” on Netflix (six episodes, 60 minutes per episode). Unless you’re four years old or totally missed even a cursory introduction to world history in high school, you should have a general understanding of the role that the Nazi Party and Adolph Hitler played in World War II; except for Holocaust deniers.

The program is a documentary with original footage mixed in with contemporary drama and narration. I enjoyed it for the historical tidbits but was most captivated by the similarities to our current political situation here in the United States.

Major similarities such as the rise and ideology of the Nazi Party and the MAGA Party (both have two consonants and two vowels alternating, plus think about Anon, whooo!); the personalities of Hitler and Trump (I’ll back Hitler here because he served in WWI, didn’t cheat on his wives; he had none until the end, and did some jail time); the reliance on violence – the Beer Hall Putsch and the January 6 insurrection – and how the common populace can be swayed by politicians who talk loud and lie a lot.

Anyhow, if you’re going to spend time sitting in front of the tube, why not stimulate your mind and broaden your knowledge base rather than be the kumquat on the couch? Nothing personal against kumquats! And put away those smartphones and tablets and actually engage in the program.

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