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Kalivianakis: The Target center project makes sense for Fountain Hills


Fountain Hills has a housing shortage because there is not enough housing at prices that working, middle-class people can afford. In some ways, we are victims of our own success – Fountain Hills is expensive. It’s extremely difficult to find attainable housing with elevated land prices, record high material and labor costs, a lengthy approval process, and political headwinds opposing new construction. We are almost built out and our focus is mainly redevelopment now. 

To provide more housing at lower prices, we need to build more dense housing options where it makes sense – along the Shea corridor, in our growth areas, and away from residential neighborhoods. Our population is aging. Most of our residents are over 55 years old. Not everyone wants or needs a large single-family home on an acre. We need to offer a healthy balance of housing types for all our residents at every stage of life.

Our growth has been virtually stagnant for two decades. I find that alarming. Does the average FH citizen want this council to manage the decline of our town and sit idly by as property values drop?

I ran on (and continue to advocate for) controlled, thoughtful growth, always in alignment with our general and strategic plans.

My vision is a thriving, vibrant downtown with a year-round flow of both residents and tourists to support shopping and activities. Downtown is the heart of Fountain Hills’ economic engine and part of a winning formula.

The Target Center project is all about energizing an essential revitalization for our community, plain and simple. Had the council voted against it, we would be sowing the seeds for an empty strip mall, a shuttered Target center, and a haven for the homeless.

Prosperity and stable home values are accomplished through thoughtful planning, not by accident.

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