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James: Skillicorn is serving himself, not Fountain Hills


Allen Skillicorn is not doing his job or upholding his oath of office.

He spends time at the legislature making connections with other “chaos agents” to try to insert himself into state politics, using his council position as a stepping stone.

Skillicorn is our only council member who has not volunteered to represent us in meetings with important regional organizations.

Skillicorn didn’t attend the recent work session on capital improvement projects in person, but he did appear on a radio interview that day where he publicly disparaged Fountain Hills schools and the council.

Skillicorn also skipped a work session on pavement management funding, the very issue that he promised to solve when he was campaigning.

He didn’t attend the reception to honor Fountain Hills volunteers, but he did attend a fundraising dinner for a legislator.

In interviews, he says that the ethics violations that have been filed against him are because we have a liberal mayor. Well, the liberal council members and one conservative council member all attend several meetings a month to engage with and learn from others around the Valley and state. They also volunteer with many of the town’s organizations and support local businesses and events. None of them can be found bashing the town, the town’s people or other council members in the news or on social media.

This is behavior associated with a carpetbagger. His focus is not on his elected duties to represent Fountain Hills, but rather on what his next step can be in state politics. His worth to Fountain Hills is without value; his commitment to making this a better community does not exist; his associations with many are only self-serving.

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