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Heimbuch: Councilman Friedel displayed lack of integrity


“8.4 Be dedicated to the highest ideals of honor, and integrity in all public and private relationships.” This sentence is taken directly as it is written in Section 8, Code of Ethics of our Fountain Hills Town Council’s Rules of Procedure.

The obviously planned and prepared ambush of a local citizen/resident Feb. 6 by Gerry Friedel at the Town Council meeting was a despicable display of “what aboutism,” a common defensive measure used by the right to deflect any personal responsibility for one’s actions. Apparently, Councilman Friedel and Councilman Skillicorn (seven ethics violations have been filed against him) were never taught that “two wrongs don’t make a right.” I don’t know what response they were expecting, but they certainly got what they deserved.

Gerry Friedel does not deserve to be, nor should he be elected to the honorable office of mayor. His disrespect for residents of Fountain Hills, and disrespect for our current mayor, Ginny Dickie, was on full display. There was no honor or integrity in his actions last night.

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