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Dompe: Vote for the best candidate, not a political party


I want to thank the Fountain Hills Times Independent for introducing its readers to the 11 candidates running for Town Council and mayor. What I was especially gratified to see is that there was no reference to the individuals’ political party affiliation.

I don't care if a candidate is active in one political party or the other.  What I care about is that the candidate for whom I vote is intelligent, thoughtful, discerning, compassionate, openminded and demonstrates integrity. It appears that there are a number of candidates who fit those criteria. I congratulate them for wanting to serve our town.  

I hope the article from the Fountain Hills Times Independent sets the tone for the July election and that the signs supporting one candidate over another avoid partisan politics. Voting for candidates from only one party did not work out so well in the last Town Council election. Town Council and school board decisions should not be based on political policies. Leave that to congressional contests. 

Let's try something different this time around and vote for the best candidate, no matter what political affiliation to which he or she might ascribe.  

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