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Children Against Cancer Local Nonprofit Fundraiser


There are more than 40,000 American children battling cancer, and many lose that dreadful fight daily. Treatments are often protracted over months or even up to three years of frequent hospitalization.

“Childhood cancers have reached epidemic proportions in recent years,” said Samuel Epstein, M.D., an internationally respected cancer expert.

Children Against Cancer is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that, for 22 years, has donated over 15,800 brand new soft teddy bears to comfort the sick and dying children at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Children Against Cancer advocates supporting vital research into new promising treatments, prevention, nutrition, and lifestyle. We intend to expand our teddy bear community service to other Children’s Hospitals in Arizona, but we need your help to support this heart-touching, life-changing program. We depend entirely on the financial support of the community to help extremely sick girls and boys in their life-and-death battle against the world’s deadliest disease.

Just as importantly, Children Against Cancer is on a global mission to fund critical independent research to find a safe, nontoxic cure for cancer! Your compassionate, generous help with donations, gifts in memory, and bequeathments will make a world of difference in the lives of suffering children.

Help us advance crucial research to save lives by finding a cure for cancer. Visit https://www.childrenagainstcancer.org and donate today. Thank you.

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Email: charitygal@outlook.com