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Cap: Opposed to proposed anti-Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy


Why a DEI policy? Coming from Councilmember Skillicorn? Therein lies the rub. It’s not. It’s an anti-DEI policy.

Why the bait and switch? Because it’s Allen Skillicorn. Nothing about the guy is on the up and up. Always trying to insert national radical right agendas. He could have clearly written what it was, an anti-diversity, anti-equity, and anti-inclusion policy.

Luckily for us residents, our town’s department directors and staff already comply with state and federal mandates. DEI has nothing to do with Fountain Hills. Yet Skillicorn wants to push another negative narrative involving our town.

What scares me is if Skillicorn had enough like-minded councilmembers, this would pass without debate. Skillicorn’s policy would prohibit proclamations celebrating our residents’ uniqueness. No more Mexican Heritage Days, no more Black History Month, no more celebrating with our community leaders. If you read closely, it also prohibits our community leaders from saying racism is bad.

Skillicorn’s hate for the LGBTQ+ community has been very loud and proud. But now he is taking aim at every minority in our community. Policies like this are in our future if more ROTen candidates get elected. So please, get informed about each candidate. Watch who they associate with. Fountain Hills deserves forward-thinking leaders who aren’t afraid of our differences. We deserve leaders who lift us all up and celebrates our cultures, our religions, our way of life, all of our uniqueness. We can Flourish together without ROT.

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