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Cap: Ginny Dickey is the best candidate for mayor


Remember back when we were kids and Sesame Street would teach us about obvious differences in things? That old game of one is not like the others? We have a glaring example of that with our mayoral election.

We have three candidates. When you look at them on paper, side by side, one stands out. Ginny Dickey is far beyond qualified to remain as our mayor. Eight years of solid leadership. She got us through some difficult times. She is always there to celebrate our town’s accomplishments. She strives to do what’s right for our residents. She always remains steadfast and calm under pressure. She has earned our trust to continue under her guidance and direction.

Why? Because, of all the candidates, she is looking to the future. Mayor Dickey encourages growth. She encourages community. Both are very important in order to have a thriving community.

We need leadership that listens to the people doing all the work. Like economic development, streets advisory and our own town attorney and manager. Mayor Dickey listens and then considers what action is reasonable. She takes the appropriate steps to ensure our community is impacted in a positive way. She is working for us, not some political agenda. Mayor Dickey is not caught up in partisan politics. She is focused on us and our town. It’s as simple as that.

The other candidates can’t compare. One was invisible for the first two years as a council member and only plays partisan politics. And the other is a presidentially pardoned criminal best known for costing Maricopa County taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars for violating peoples’ constitutional rights.

That should make it clear that Ginny Dickey is definitely not like the others. Vote for Ginny Dickey, a better future for Fountain Hills.

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