During a recent legislative session, our Arizona House Representative, John Kavanagh, “cut off public comment on Senate Bill 1713 while a number of people were still in line to testify” and "after ending public comment, Kavanagh also tried to cut off Rep. Athena Salmon, D-Tempe, as she spoke about her opposition to the bill. When she objected, Kavanagh tried to vote for her, which is prohibited under the House rules.” (Arizona Republic, March 26, “Tensions boil over at Legislature as Republicans restrict testimony from public, Democrats.”)

Senate Bill 1713 “would add new steps for people to cast an early ballot.” Republicans, nationally, are mounting massive efforts to suppress voter rights. Arizona Republicans are leading this effort, even though no evidence of voter fraud has been proven, either here in Arizona, or nationally.

As Trump has so cynically stated about Democrat efforts to increase the level of voter participation, “they had things, levels of voting that if you ever agreed to it, you would never have another Republican elected in this country again.” (“Fox and Friends”)

Republicans, like Kavanagh, realize their policies do not support the will of the people, so they choose to suppress the peoples’ right to vote.