For 14 years, we owned a condo in Fountain Hills on Saguaro. We just bought our “forever” home that backs up to the proposed hospital on Trevino. Having two properties so close will affect us in many ways.

With a 24-hour facility, we will be immersed with more noise from trucks, cars and ambulances. Our “dark sky” community will be illuminated at night with signs and flashing ambulance lights, and lit-up windows. Having a hospital open 24 hours a day, with excessive lights, sirens and increased noise from increased traffic will affect our right to live in an area conducive to quiet evenings.

Because of this, our property values will decrease. Those of you who want a hospital better consider your options if future development comes to your area in town. If this hospital is built, my “forever” home might be elsewhere. If zoning is C-2, the developers could build whatever they want. Staying zoned C-1 with no special uses is the right option. Many times, ownership changes and is misunderstood or disregarded and zoning special uses are changed from the original provisions. Will this building ever become taller; perhaps two stories?

I don’t understand how a hospital can be built on just 5.74 acres! Hospitals usually require much larger parcels of land. What land-use studies have been completed? This property is completely landlocked. If the hospital needs to be enlarged, where will it go? The only way to expand is up! This would be in violation of the current zoning.

If this facility goes out of business like so many others, our town will be left with another empty eyesore for visitors to view as they turn onto Saguaro from Shea. Comprehensive studies need to be done before any zoning change. I encourage our leaders to vote no.