I think we owe a big round of applause to VP Mike Pence, Governor Ducey and Dr. Cara Christ for their incredible planning. I was assigned to get my shot on the 29th at the Chandler/Gilbert station located on the community college campus. The testing and distribution station that has been set up in the parking lots must cover 30 or more acres.

Hundreds of workers are located at all strategic places to answer questions and to execute the distribution. They all seemed to be properly briefed and, most important, after weeks of around-the-clock effort, they were all in a happy and helpful mood.

The process is all done while you're in your car and, in my case, the total time to the shot stations was about 15 minutes. They have multiple stations and all of the key workers are equipped with Ipads that contain all of your registration data, should a problem arise. You just need a paper copy of your reservation and your driver’s license.

So, thank the Lord that you live in Arizona.