I don’t know who is writing Mark Kelly’s campaign commercials, but they obviously haven’t studied Kelly, haven’t studied the office for which he is running, nor have they followed the hard-working Senator Martha McSally.

His latest commercial quotes Admiral Farragut, “Damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead!” The only problem is that at the battle of Mobile Bay in 1864, Farragut hadn’t already torpedoed himself as Kelly has numerous times. Kelly tells us that those in Washington aren’t working hard for their constituents. Kelly shouldn’t be inferring that Senator Martha McSally isn’t working hard for Arizonans. It is well known that only Senator Grassley has sponsored more bills in the current session than our Senator McSally. You can visit mcsally.senate.gov/news/press-releases to see the meaningful legislation McSally has worked on that will improve the lives of Arizonans. Torpedo number one.

Kelly goes on to say how he will work for “we Arizonans.” We know how he has already “worked” for Arizonans in Tucson. Kelly co-founded a company funded by $15 million of Arizona taxpayers’ money. The result was layoffs for Arizona workers while Kelly got rich. Torpedo number two.

It gets worse. It has now been revealed the Kelly’s company, World View, is being funded by Tencent, which is a conglomerate known as a surveillance arm of the Chinese government. Torpedo number three.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Tencent has helped finance Kelly’s campaign. Just what we need, another Democrat with family ties to Communist China! Kelly has also promised to reduce drug prices, this from a man who has worked for Angel MedFlight, a company that faces controversy for “surprise medical billing” and “price gouging.” The torpedoes keep coming. Kelly’s ship is getting very waterlogged! Join me in helping sink it for the good of Arizona.