Did you ever wonder why it’s important to know your candidate’s stance on issues before voting? I want to challenge you to call their offices and ask the hard questions about tough issues. For example, the Second Amendment, immigration and abortion. The answers you receive will tell you everything you want to know.

The element of surprise is the best way to get truth from the person you are deciding to vote for or not. You can also check out different sites, myfaithvotes.com or Ivote.com and others, that list information on those running for various offices. It’s important to know your leaders’ agenda ahead of time, before they get into office and ruin your state like in California, New York and other liberal agenda states.

I have read all the good that Senator McSally has achieved for Arizona. She helped access funds for treatment of COVID-19 and she helped small businesses get loans through President Trump’s CARE Act. I saw her pack boxes of food in her community to hand out. Where was Mark Kelly? Like all the other Dems, thinking only of his needs; taking and not giving as a servant of society should do.

All leaders are to serve, not take from the community. I experienced this in California. The liberals took and keep taking from hard-working citizens there. I am praying it does not happen here in Arizona. That is one reason I moved here. Aside from patriotic people and beautiful views, I want my vote to count. It hasn’t since 2012.

Keep Arizona red! We must fight to keep our freedom or lose it to the liberal agenda! Isaiah, NIV 65:18-23.