To echo Beth Murphy’s April 7 opinion, widen Shea to three lanes? Why?

Has anybody ever seen a real traffic jam on Shea? I certainly have not. The traffic moves along very well on Shea. Apparently the “reported” 26,000 cars a day, the number I believe we read earlier, is not a significant impact. A widening project there would apparently involve very tall cuts and moving large volumes of material and be very expensive. For what? It is not necessary.

There has been a lot of handwringing for years, decrying the town’s lack of funding for maintaining roads, often indicating the day will come that there will be no more funds. Why, all of a sudden, the expressed need to widen Shea? Something does not smell right here. What is the motivation for the town to take on this major, very expensive project in the face of road maintenance shortages?

With all the corruption and ill intent coming out of Washington these days, one must question everything government does, right down to the local level. Mayor Dickey and Town Council, please stop this most likely multi-million-dollar boondoggle in its tracks now! Let’s instead wait until it’s really needed, if it is ever needed at all.